Favorite pictures of Logan Lerman
     ↳2/50. ”I play music. I love learning a new instrument and creating songs; it also goes hand in hand with filmmaking, like creating a feeling and emotion in music to complement a scene. Songwriting, guitar, piano, bass, ukulele, a little bit of violin, a little bit of everything- primarily guitar and piano. It’s just a hobby for now, maybe it would turn into a profession someday…who knows.”
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A black teenager could have a 200 IQ and find the cure for cancer and white people will still say affirmative action is the reason why they got into college

A white kid could have a 200 IQ and discover the cure for cancer and people will say his alumni daddy is the reason he got into college.

A white person will see a post having nothing to do with them and still find a way to include themselves

A person can perpetuate stereotypes no matter the color of their skin. Don’t stereotype a group of people and then turn around and bitch about being stereotyped. That’s hypocrisy at it’s finest. Treat others how you want to be treated. Simple as that.

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the cutest gif i have ever seen on this website oh my god :(

She literally is just like cuddle me and fucking amazing girlfriend doesn’t care and caresses her face while continuing to talk

Also like notice how happy she is after, with that like satisfied little smirk stuck on her face, its cute.

Can I please have this?

I always reblog this everytime its on my dash :)) ugh too cute !!!

I’m melting. Somebody give me this?

always reblog bc cute

looks like me (being the needy one) and my girlfriend always cute and accurate :) i love love <3 bae come over

The cutest fucking thing

OITNB posts here

OITNB posts here

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